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We supply a comprehensive range of plywood, ideal for many applications, including: Concrete forming work shutting panels, cabinets, furniture, flooring, decoration,moudling, millwork and LVL.
· Delivery quality products, each sheet is well inspected before loading
· Constantly Providing value-added solutions for rapidly changing market
· Our Pledge: Devotion,profession,honest, NON-STOP Working
· Choose Us, is not only a supplier, but a long-term partner.


Filmfaced Plywood

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Phone : 0516-83916566
Email : honglin@plywoodhonglin.com

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HongLin Plywood Products, with over 20 years of combined experience in the panel products business.

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Vietnam Office Address: Viet Nam,Thanh hoa,Nghi Son,Nguyen Binh,Hai Yen,28-A1 (Thôn nam Yến.xã Hải Yến.thị xã nghi Sơn.tỉnh thanh hoá
China Office Address: SGreenland Business City, Yunlong District, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China.
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Phone : 0516-83916566
Email : honglin@plywoodhonglin.com
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